When You Don’t Feel Like It

They said, “I am going to quit because I just don’t feel like doing it anymore.” I knew they meant they were no longer emotionally invested in the project, and it felt like work. The fun was gone, the feelings of excitement were absent, no one noticed their effort anymore, and the job had become routine. 

I knew exactly what they were saying because I feel it every Monday morning.  As a Pastor, I am on an emotional high on Sunday.  There is the sermon, dealing with people, programs to pull off, and a full day of exciting work.  Monday morning, I am emotionally drained and do not want to sit down and start working on another sermon.  Each Monday morning, I think about quitting the ministry and going to do something else.  Instead, I get up, pack my bag, and head to the office. 

The Lord’s work is usually done by people who get up and do the right thing without fanfare.  They serve, lead, pray, worship, and share their faith when they are emotionally drained, not feeling the love, and would rather quit. 

It’s Monday, and there are very few of us who jump out of bed ready to take on the world.  There are even fewer who are prepared to take on projects for God today.  My simple encouragement is to keep doing the right thing.  Take one foot, put it in front of the other, and go where you need to go.  Take one hand, put it to work, and then raise the other and do what needs to be done. 

Even great work is rarely filled with joy all the time.  Some days are a grind.  The people who make an impact on this world are those who keep doing the right thing even when they do not feel like it. 

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