The Way You Leave Things

Life is a combination of experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and values that we each hold dear.  One of my core values is, “Leave things better than you found them.”

At my job, I have practiced this with the buildings the Church owns.  I have thrown away junk, help paint, and asked the board to make improvements.  Throughout the years, I have helped lead in significant remodeling projects, adding accessible restrooms, installing lights, along with the addition of new siding.  Each project left the building in better shape than when I arrived.

This principle works itself out in other ways within the Church.  The infrastructure of a Church is a critical part of it achieving its mission.  I have worked to improve bylaws, provide leadership training, and teach whenever possible.  It has led me to implement ministry teams, create procedures and start membership classes.  I want the next minister to walk into an organization that is well run and ready for the future.

Finally, it also applies to people.  Whenever I encounter people who attend the Church I lead, I want them to grow at least one step closer to God in their faith.  John Maxwell talks about “Adding value to people,” and I think he is correct.  Believers help other people carry their burdens, encourage them when they are down, and lend a helping hand when needed. 

As you walk through life, you have two choices.  Will you be a user who takes without giving back?  Or will you be the type of person who leaves things better than you found them?  I hope that my work with buildings and programs is not in vain, but I know that working with people never is. 

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