Everyday Heroes

A hero is defined as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” (Oxford English Dictionary) Most of us understand that it is someone who sacrifices themselves for the sake of others.  In their sacrifice, people are made safe, shown what courage looks like, and given unexpected opportunities.  

We often think of heroes as people who have fought in wars, stand firm in the face of danger, or stand up for what they believe in ways that garner national attention.  They are highlighted during the news, have stories written about them, and their lives are made into movies.  We see heroes as these rare people who rise above others when duty calls. 

While all of that is true, I also believe there are everyday heroes.  We are surrounded by people who sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.  Some men work extra hours to provide for their family’s needs.  Women let go of the pleasures of youth to raise their children.  There are people serving others in the Church and the community without reward or remuneration. 

This week I am encouraging you to think about all the people who have sacrificed so that you could be where you are today.  Look around and notice the people who are helping you to achieve right now.  Take note of those who are helping you to pursue your dreams while setting theirs aside.  Everyday heroes surround you. 

Then ask yourself, “Who might see me as a hero?” Take the time to also give of yourself to others.  It will be far more fulfilling than anything you do in this life. People have sacrificed for you, now is the time to pay it forward to others.  

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