Seemingly Insignificant Moments

People love significant events.  We travel miles and pay large sums of money to attend conferences, conventions, seminars, and large gatherings.  In addition, mission trips, weeklong camps, and retreats are sure to inspire us.   They offer encouragement, and we expect great things to happen. 

Sometimes this is true.  These activities move people and grow their faith. 

In my experience, the times I have grown the most have been the seemingly insignificant moments.  Those times when a professor stopped to talk to me as a regular person and not a student.  The occasions when someone shared their heart with me about what God is doing in their life.  There are also those hours when God used one random conversation with a friend to make my thinking come clear.  That is not to mention all the little texts or emails that have brought me joy, encouragement, and enlightenment. 

Each day you never know the amount of good you will do for God in those moments that seem so normal and insignificant.  A kind word, a smile, a friendly text, taking the time to listen, sharing your story, and opening your life to another person may do far more to help others than you ever imagined. 

Sure, put one big item on your calendar each year, but please remember that God is working every day in the little things. 

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