Have you ever met someone who had a dream you knew was unattainable?  They pictured themselves as sports stars or singers who would one day be rich and famous.  They aspired to write, and their concepts and words were not enjoyable.  They wanted to be something they were not gifted to become. 

Everyone else knew it, but they didn’t know it yet. 

Meanwhile, you sat back and waited for the day to come when they realized it.  You knew there would come a day when their eyes would be opened, and the truth would become apparent.  Until then, there would be an endless string of disappointments. 

Self-awareness is difficult. 

We tend to see ourselves with a distorted lens.  Like a funhouse mirror, our image looks different from what exists. 

One challenge for a follower of Jesus is to see both Jesus and ourselves accurately.  We need to be clear about our flaws and shortcomings along with our giftedness.  It takes an honest self-understanding to improve as a believer and servant of Jesus. 

Everyone shoots each other unbelieving looks when certain people take the stage.  They see what this person cannot see in themselves.  You don’t want that to happen when you tell people about your faith. 

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