Who Should Hear This?

It happens to me regularly after a worship program where I have preached.  Someone will come up and say, “I enjoyed the message today.  I really wish (fill in the blank) would have been here.”  They tell me about their family member who is addicted or child who is straying from the faith, or a non-believer who needs a good dose of the truth. 

One natural response to hearing godly instruction is to think, “Who else should hear this?” If someone is challenged, inspired, and helped by a sermon, I think it is wonderful that they want other people to receive the same information. 

The problem occurs when we stop asking, “Who else should hear this?” and modify it to simply, “Who should hear this?”  While similar, it is an entirely different question. 

Some people come to Church not to change themselves but with the hope that others will change.  They think, “I hope my children will listen and not be so self-centered.”  Others contemplate how wonderful life would be if my spouse finally became godlier in their actions toward me.  We muse, “Work would be so much better if my coworker would finally stop being such a jerk.”  These people are no longer looking for anything in their life to change, yet they can clearly see where everyone else would benefit.

The first question of Bible reading, teaching, or preaching must always be, “How does this apply to me?”  Once you have put on your own oxygen mask, only then can you help the people around you. 

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