They Could Not Help Me

When there have been challenging seasons in my life, it has always been good to have people who cared. But, unfortunately, most of the time, those wonderful individuals had no way of helping me.  They could not walk into my darkness and fix all my problems. 

Sure, some people have tried to offer advice to make my life better.  Everyone is well-intentioned with their words when someone is hurting. 

But the people who made the most significant difference were those who simply chose to stand beside me through my pain and hurt.  They would sit quietly beside me while I cried.  Stand beside me and offer a shoulder to lean on when I needed it.  Their comfort came from their presence and nothing more. 

I think most people are not looking for you to eliminate the pain in their life.  They know you do not have that kind of power. Instead, they are seeking someone to stand beside them and never leave them alone. 

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