Questions No One is Asking

I was visiting a site that is directed at youth ministers.  The webpage seeks to help people who teach and lead Jr. and Sr. High school ministries in their local Churches.  I read through the content and gathered ideas for the Church I serve when an article caught my eye.  I started reading it and then the comments that followed it.  One of the most popular ones was written by a teenager, and he stated his viewpoint on the material; “The Church is answering questions no one is asking.”

I understood his point.  The Church needs to be relevant to the needs of today’s teenagers.  The people who lead youth need to understand video games, popular apps, computer trends, and current fads impacting the lives of the young people in their groups.  A lecture on “The Evils of Rock and Roll Music” is probably not the most relevant of messages. 

At the same time, I wanted to type in this simple reply to his comment; “Exactly.”  Just because no one is asking specific questions, that does not mean they are not significant issues.  Most people are too obsessed with what is hot, new, current, or relevant.  Life’s biggest concerns do not fall into those categories.  People need to hear about sin and forgiveness.  They need instruction in holy living that brings a lifetime of good results along with the destructive behaviors that haunt someone for years.  The topics of an eternal heaven and hell do not seem significant until someone knows life tragically ends.  There are questions that every human being needs to wrestle with throughout their life, even if the issues are not trendy. 

Just because everyone you know is not asking questions about faith and God, do not assume they are unimportant topics.  Some people are ignoring and avoiding these things to their demise.  Maybe the reason to go to Church is because it asks questions that no one else is asking. 

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