The Way I Tell the Story

It is extremely difficult to hear an honest account of events.

I do not mean that people lie to us all the time.  But I know that every story you hear has a particular slant that we need to be aware of when listening. 

When I tell a story, I admit that I will often leave out significant details.  Some parts make me look bad that I do not speak.  The opposite is also true; you will listen to all the items that make me look good.  Usually, a story is told with little time for a backstory, context, personal dynamics, a relationship history, and any further explanation that might be important to clarify things. 

Even the most well-intentioned people will share their life experiences with a slant that makes them feel good about themselves.  For this reason, as believers, we must be quick to listen and willing to do our homework before we take the time to speak.

Sometimes the person sharing the story is the problem, but they do not tell it that way. 

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