As Seen On TV

There is a section in Walmart near the front where the items are labeled as “As Seen on TV.”  Once I was at an outlet mall that had an entire store by the same name.  All the items you have seen advertised on TV from infomercials to traditional commercials are in this store or section.  These fantastic inventions are right there in the store for you to see.

I wonder if anything would change if we labeled people as they leave worship on Sunday morning with a little stamp that said, “As Heard at Church.” Then, that week as people went into the world, they would be a living example of what the preacher was saying.  People would see the mark on others’ hands and be able to see the fantastic things of which they had heard. 

I know this sounds crazy but be clear about one thing:  You are a walking advertisement for the faith you hear proclaimed to you. 

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