Where I Am Today

I could not have imagined where my faith journey would lead me when I first decided to follow Jesus. First, it led me to Bible college and then into the arms of a beautiful woman who became my wife. Next, the path took me to five states and gave me four children.  Together my wife and I have bought and sold houses, moved across the country and back again, lost our fathers, saw the boys graduate high school, and two finish college while starting careers. 

During this journey, God has allowed me to have made a positive impact for His kingdom.  I have participated in about 250 baptisms, witnessed people coming back to faith, and ushered a couple of dozen people into Church leadership.  I started a Church that still exists today.  I have helped a few people enter full-time ministry and guided Churches to support missionaries across the world.  I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people from multiple states, three countries, and from every age of life. 

I am writing all this because I could never have imagined the path my life has taken.  I am not bragging about the blessings in my ministry because I am as astounded as anyone.  As an 8-year-old boy who became a Christian, I did not dream of ever going to Bible college.  As a Bible college student, I never thought I would become a preacher.  As a preacher, I could not have imagined the impact I might make in people’s lives.  Even today, I am shocked to lead and work with people I didn’t know just a few years ago.

A journey of faith does not sound like something adventurous that will be very exciting.  In reality, following Jesus and letting him guide you is the most incredible journey you can make.  My younger self could not fathom where I am today, and it only happened by letting God lead me wherever he wanted me to go.  My encouragement to anyone is to trust God and hold on for an incredible ride. 

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