New Stories of Faith

He was sharing his insights on trusting God and living a life of faith.  He used a personal story to illustrate the point.  The first time I heard him use this one story, I thought it was perfect and helped everyone.  Then I heard him repeat the same story the following year.  After that, the congregation could expect an annual rehashing of this one experience this man had where he trusted God completely. 

At first, it was compelling.  Then it made the congregation wonder if he had forgotten that he used it the year previously. The more times it was repeated, the more people began to ignore it.  Finally, everyone felt sad when he started to tell it.

How old are the stories you share about a time that you trusted God in faith?

(To get clarity on this, please ask your wife, children, or best friend.)

Maybe it is time for you to write some new stories of faith.  Maybe today or this week, you should do something that will only work out if God shows up.  Perhaps this would be a good season to do something where you must rely entirely on God for the outcome. 

Occasionally you need to throw all your old stories away and start fresh.  God has not changed his willingness to work in the world.  There is just a need for more people to use their faith and allow him to work.  And when you do … oh, the stories you will have to tell.   

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