Not Really Seeking the Truth

“Do you think it is the mark of the beast?”

I have been asked that question or something similar more times in the past year than in all my other years of ministry combined.  Previously I would try to have a Biblical discussion about the topic and do some teaching.  Lately, I have taken a different approach entirely. 

My response now is, “Can you tell me what chapter of the Bible the mark of the beast is located?” Occasionally I double down and say, “Have you ever read the book of Revelation from beginning to end?” Then, if I am really wound up, I may ask if they have ever read any part of the Bible?

I am usually greeted with hostility.  How dare I not answer their question and instead probe into their Biblical knowledge?  What kind of a pastor am I?

My response is based on my experience.  The majority of times I am asked this question, it is people looking for one of two things.  One, they want someone to confirm their conspiracy theories and not affirm a Biblical understanding.  Two, they are looking to argue and want to get into a heated discussion about their views which are rarely based on the Bible. 

Honestly, I enjoy teaching the Bible. However, most of the questions I get about the end times are not seeking the truth.  They are sound bites meant to generate confirmation or argumentation.  I am not into that as a pastor or a believer.  If you really want to know what the Bible says, then try reading it, and we can talk about the scriptures together.   

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