Congregational Appreciation Month

The month of October is recognized as Pastor Appreciation Month.  I love it what people show their appreciation for my work and know many have pure motives who participate.  But I hate the concept.  There are reasons for this that I have written about, and if you have thirty minutes, I will explain it to you.  But I do not want to focus on the negative; I desire to flip the month over and call it Congregational Appreciation Month.

The truth is that I get paid to do my job.  I draw a salary from the Church, and there are weeks that I work 60 hours or more and other weeks that I work 35 or less.  It all balances out, and I am compensated nicely for the work I do each week. 

What I appreciate as a pastor is all the people who help our Church without a cent of compensation.  They show up night after night and week after week, pouring their life into our community of believers because they want to serve Jesus.  Without them, there would be no childcare, no youth group, no worship, no leadership, no dinners, no greeters, no guest gifts, no small groups, no Sunday schools, and a host of other things. 

Every week, Churches across the world will open their doors to worship, serve, and bless the lives of others because of a volunteer force that is beyond number.  The people who keep the Church community vibrant and growing are those unpaid heroes who give themselves selflessly because of their love for Jesus. 

Today, as a Pastor, I want to say, “Thank you” and “I appreciate you” to all the people who served in their Church in the past month.  It is because of you that the faith is spreading and reaching you.  It is because of you that the Church is able to help and heal broken and hurting people.  It is because of the average congregational member that the Church is a wonderful place to belong. 

For everyone who serves their God in any local Church, I want you to know that Pastors appreciate you far more than we could ever say. 

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