Having a Short Memory

The sports announcer said, “As a player, you have to develop a short memory.” 

A player in any sport will make a mistake by missing a shot, having a fielding error, or throwing an interception – just to name a few possibilities.  At that moment, they cannot go to the bench and sulk and skip the next few plays. Instead, they are required to keep shooting, catching, and throwing.  It is only in continuing to do their job that they can fix their mistake. 

This is not a bad principle for all of us to learn.  Whenever we make a mistake, we take a minute to learn from it and then get back up and try again. 

Great sports figures have made all kinds of errors in their careers.  What separates them from the average players is their ability to put it behind them and do better next time.  Maybe great people are made the same way. 

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