Express Your Appreciation

One reason people give up on serving others is that they feel unappreciated.  They give their time and energy to be a blessing.  Then when no one responds, they feel like they are wasting their time.  Perhaps they think that what they are doing is not a blessing or maybe no one even cares.  Often, they try to press on but eventually give up because of a perceived lack of support. 

The Christmas season is a great time to send cards, emails, and texts to a large number of people. When you send your message, be sure and tell the person something you appreciate about them and what they do.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to let someone know you notice their work and are blessed by it. 

Who knows?  It might be the encouragement they need to keep pressing on in the service of the Lord and others in the new year.  You might brighten their holidays simply by recognizing their efforts.  A kind word has never hurt anyone.

Sometimes a statement of appreciation is the fuel we need to shine our lights brightly for the Lord. 

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