Serving In Little Ways

We often think of being a giving person in terms of gifts.  Sometimes, your gift to the world is the little acts of service you do to improve other people’s lives.  I started a small list.

-Park far away and walk.

-Pick up any trash you see, especially your own.

-If you get something out, return it for the next person.

-Take the smaller piece of food.

-Save some of whatever you are taking for others.

-Smile and be kind to everyone.

-Hold the door open for people.

-Listen carefully when people are talking to you.  

-Compliment someone on something specific.

-Take a treat to any gathering, including work.

-Share discount codes, great deals, and coupons when you are able.

-Say “yes” more often.

-Let other people go first in line.

-Write something personal inside when you give a card.

-Don’t take the best seat.

-Drop some money in the tip jar. And tip well. 

-Say “please” and especially “thank you.” 

None of these things may ever be noticed by someone else but consider them your little gift to the world.  Who knows, your actions might brighten someone’s day and make the world a little better place. 

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