Unfounded Convictions

I was working on the sermon for this Sunday and found an interesting note that I cannot use in the final draft. I wanted to share it here.

The sermon is about the Church being full of hypocrites. The two most significant issues people have with Christians and Christian groups are their intolerance of different views and the hypocritical nature of believers. Almost 50 percent of people in one survey said they hated that most people who claim to follow Jesus act nothing like him. This concept seems to be agreed upon by everyone outside of the faith.

One writer and speaker has developed a way of handling that objection. He asks people, “when was the last time you were in Church to see this?” The truth is that most people who throw around this accusation have never darkened the doors of a Church building. Instead, they have these convictions about Christians that are totally unfounded.

To anyone who questions the commitment of Christians in their area, my encouragement is to go and find out for yourself. You might discover that the followers of Jesus are a bit more kind, loving, and gracious than you imagine. You will never really know until you try.

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