The Stories We Tell About Ourselves

I like to lean in when people tell stories about their life. 

Do they paint themselves as the hero or as the fool? Do they acknowledge their failures or gloss over them and speak of other people’s mistakes? Do they keep their information at surface level or dive deep into their emotions? Do they tell stories with happy endings or ones with pain? Do their stories tell of a life that has changed with time or one that is firmly the same?

The stories we tell about ourselves show the world how our mind works. These thoughts are also a reflection of our faith. 

Someone may think they are sharing just a little story about their lives, but maybe we are getting a glimpse into their souls. I encourage you to listen closely the next time someone says, “That reminds me of a story.” Sure, they want you to laugh and smile or cry, but there is something deeper going on at that moment. They are opening themselves up to you and inviting you into their story. 

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