Doing This

A new country song by artist Luke Combs is entitled “Doin’ This.” The opening lines caught my attention when I heard them:

“Someone asked me once in an interview

‘What was growing up like? Where’d you go to school?

And what would you do if you weren’t doin’ this?'”

The rest of the song explains that even if he were not a big country music star, he would still be singing for people. 

Well, I have often been asked, “If you were not a preacher, what would you be doing?” 

My first response is to say, “I don’t have the skill set or education to do anything else.” But in all honestly, no matter what I do for a paycheck, I still hope to be teaching the Bible. I might not get to preach on the stage, but I will be in a Bible study somewhere, doing my best for the Lord. I don’t preach because I get paid. I preach and teach because this is how God gifted me.    

Luke Combes is correct. If the money were gone, I would still be doing this. This is who I am, and this is what I do. 

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