Volunteer Fireman

In our small town, about three blocks from my house, there is a fire station. It is a large metal building that houses a couple of firetrucks used during emergencies. These are for the use of a volunteer team who stand ready to help at a moment’s notice. When something happens, the alarm goes out, and a group of people will drop what they are doing and head to the fire station or directly to the fire, depending on the timing of the situation. 

I wonder if people see the Church the same way as that fire station. The Church is a group of people who willingly offer their time to better their community as the Lord directs. We are not just a community of believers; we are an army of volunteer counselors, tutors, caregivers, grandparents, servants, and friends. 

Being a volunteer fireman requires hours of training and a willingness to serve whenever needed. The Church is also a place where people are trained in every arena of life so that they can help when the situation presents itself. 

We are not merely a Church; we are a place where volunteer servants meet each week. 

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