Give Me Something to Work With

Being a pastor means the primary product of my work is life change for Jesus.

I teach, counsel, advise, blog, share, help, organize, lead, and coordinate everything possible to help people grow in their knowledge and faith in Jesus. Each Sunday, I stand up and explain a passage or topic of scripture with application points for every group of people. I continually give action steps to make change and growth achievable.

Yet, I know that many people will walk out of Church totally unchanged. Their lives will go on as usual, just like they were before attending.

A pastor’s one desire is that people give him something to work with each week.

Be teachable. Have an open heart and mind alongside a willingness to hear the instructions. Then take the opportunity to try one thing new in faith regularly. A desire to explore the possibilities of faith is irreplaceable in the heart of a believer.

I, and pastors like me, are trying to make a difference in this world for Jesus. But we can only do so much. The rest depends on the people who listen. If your heart is closed and nothing new will penetrate it, then we are wasting both of our time. But if you are at least willing to change, then the possibilities are endless.

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