What is the Least I Can Do?

Few people say that in the Church, but honestly that is what many want to know. 

Is attendance enough? Does it have to be more than once a month? I mean, I want to be treated as an insider with a sincere connection, so what is the minimum I can attend and still feel like that?

Do I have to serve? If so, is there something I can do on a rotation every other month or so? And if I don’t do it, let’s make sure it is not a big deal. I mean, I want to serve the Lord and feel good about making an impact for Jesus, so how little can I do to achieve that feeling?

Will I need to give my money? I know ten percent was the Old Testament standard, but we live in New Testament times. Do I have to give more than one percent? Who really cares about percentages anyway? I mean, I want to feel like a generous person who is kind whenever there is a need. So what is the smallest amount I can donate not to feel selfish?

It is Easter season, and every year I am reminded that I am glad God didn’t think like that. 

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