Gray Areas

Frequently the decisions we face as believers are not black and white.

We are never asked, “Will you choose Satan or Jesus?” The choices are not about right and wrong. Often, they are about picking between the good and almost good. They are about small compromises to our commitment rather than total apostasy. Will we choose to follow Jesus in this one area of our life that no one else notices?

What do you do when the choices to live for Jesus are not easy?

I often want to say to people, “Follow the path of most resistance.” The way of Jesus is narrow and difficult. Whenever life is complex, you are usually on the right path following him.

Obviously, it is much more complex for a Christian to arrive at the right decision than asking a single question. Finding the Lord’s will in your life will require at least these three things.

First, you must know the Bible. God revealed his will there, and numerous answers can be found on its pages.

Second, you need to have a willing heart. This can only come from within you. Are you ready to do whatever the Lord asks you to do? Would you accept it if he were pointing you toward a job with less pay? If he told you to give something up or take something on, would you be willing to do it? Those are questions only you can answer.

Third, you need a couple of mature Christian friends who will be completely honest with you. Each part of that is essential. They are required to be believers trying to walk the same path with Jesus. They need to be mature in their faith and life. As I age, I am beginning to see the need for wisdom from the aged. They must be a friend. You need someone who has your best interests in mind. The single most challenging piece to attain is the last one. It is critical that the people be willing to be honest with you. They value you more than friendship. It is risky to tell someone the total truth because they might reject you, and the relationship will die. Few are the people who will be completely honest with you when asked.

The Christian life is complex. God wants us to be part of a faith community because we need each other. It is essential to have people around us to help us see things we might be missing. Living in black and white is easy to do alone, but you need mature Christian friends for all the gray areas.

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