The Hydrox brand of cookie with two small crunchy cookies and a creamy center debuted in 1908. It was made by Sunshine Biscuits and was produced for 90 years. Eventually, Keebler bought them out, and three years later, they ended production in 1999. Then in 2015, Leaf Brands reintroduced the product back into the world. This simple product can now be found in most grocery stores across the United States. 

The story of Hydrox would be classified as a massive success if it were not for something that happened in 1912. That year a competitor entered the cookie world with what appears to be an imitation of their product. The new company was named Oreo. 

Over time, the Oreo became the favorite for several reasons, and Hydrox went from being a leader in their industry to being considered an off-brand Oreo. It is the generic Oreo with a less sweet filling and a harder cookie. The story of the Hydrox cookie is one that goes from a solid start to a joke over time.   

Several years ago, I started a new Church. We began in a dynamic fashion. A group of people who desired to do something great for God. There was prayer, sacrificial giving, selfless service, and a strong sense of community. This is the story of almost all new Churches when they share their story. A group of deeply committed believers stepping out in faith and forming a Church. 

Then over time, something happens. The people lose their drive to make an impact. The group settles into complacency. Innovation, creativity, and risky faith are lost. Soon everyone is content to just have Church as usual. The group is a sort of generic Church that drifts out of the center of the local community. 

I want an Oreo Church, not Hydrox. 

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