It Keeps Growing

The bush continued to get bigger with every passing year. It had been planted in a small garden space right in front of the house. It looked perfect when it was small. Now that tiny shrub had turned into a small tree filling the garden. The limbs were pressed against the house and had no green sprouts where they touched the brick. 

The tree was leaning out into the parking lot. It was planted in the space between the sidewalk and the building to give shade as it grew. Now it was a full-grown tree and was leaning out away from the building as it needed light that was being blocked. 

A large but half-dead bush and a tree that will most certainly fall soon because it had grown awkwardly resulted from not having enough room where they were planted. 

Whenever you put a seed or small plant, there is the potential for growth. One crucial question is, “Is there adequate room for this?”

This is true with the seeds you plant in your flower garden, walk space, or in the figurative places in your life.

As your business and career grow, do you have enough room in your life for it? As your family grows, have you created enough space for it to grow properly? Will your faith flourish or flounder as it grows? 

Too often, we plant seeds that will later die or cause problems because we have not thought through the growth of what we have started. Many things in life will keep growing and growing, whether we like it or not. Planning and thinking through the final result will often keep us from unnecessary pain and frustration. 

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