No More Bake Sales

I hate fundraisers by any Church group. 

Every time I tell someone that, the immediate response is about how programs need funds and people love to serve, so it is a great combination. 

My response runs in two directions. The first is very practical. It is simply not a great way to generate money. People have to buy supplies, spend time preparing, and then other people have to spend time trying to sell them. All for a couple of hundred dollars. I tell the people in my Church that I will pay them NOT to do it.

My other reason is theological. Believers are called to support the mission of Christ. If we believe something is worthy of our time for Jesus, the Church should support it with its resources. Fundraising is about an exchange of goods or services. The issue for a Church community is not fundraising; it is faith raising. People who believe in what we are doing will pour out their resources to make it happen. They need faith that God will bless them in return by meeting all their needs. 

Recently our Church closed all secondary bank accounts and now has just one. All money goes into it, and all bills are paid from it. There is no fundraising, no special pleas, or auxiliary ways of getting money. The people have responded by giving far more than I could have imagined. 

The Lord loves cheerful givers (2 Corinthians 9:7), and I believe he loves churches filled with giving people.   

Ministry does require funding, but I am not a fan of fundraisers. 

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