End Time Mysteries

The Bible tells us about the world’s end in apocalyptic language that can be hard to understand. It is incredibly complicated when you separate it from the rest of the Bible. However, I do believe with some effort and reading within the proper context, the mysteries of the end times can be understood. But it will not be easy to do. 

With that said, I want you to know that the goal of faith is not to spend our efforts trying to understand the mysteries of the end of the world so that we are ready for the day Jesus returns.

The goal of faith is to live out what you already know so that you are always prepared for the return of Jesus. The bridesmaids in Matthew chapter 25 needed to be ready for the groom to return at an unexpected hour. Christians must be equally prepared for Jesus’ return, but not through charts, graphs, and modern interpretation. They are to be ready by their obedience to the words of Jesus. 

Doomsday preparation is not about reading the times but about following Jesus with sincere faith. 

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