What Can I Say?

I want to see every single person come to know Jesus and be shaped into his likeness. 

As a pastor, that is my goal; as a preacher, I primarily use words to accomplish that mission. 

My question sounds simple, but it is highly complex. “What can I say that would help me accomplish my work?” 

Maybe I could learn creation science and show you all the ways modern explanations fall short?

Would it help if I learned philosophy and used the arguments for the existence of God?

How might you respond if I told you about all the ancient manuscripts that prove the reliability of the Bible or the archaeological discoveries that support its stories?

Perhaps I could articulate the elements of logic and why the story of Jesus makes sense?

Should I just teach the Bible and allow the word of God to cut people to the heart?

Please tell me what I can say to help you know Jesus and follow him completely? All the information is there to convince you. Other Christians and I have been working on this for years. We can help you know and understand faith in a way that transforms you.

The only thing I cannot do is make you want to listen. I wish I could. Other people are praying for it too. I have the right words for me to say. Listening and learning are totally up to you. 

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