No Standard Funeral

Whenever anyone asks me to perform a funeral, I inform them that I have no standard thing called a funeral. I have a general outline of what will happen and what I will say, but the details are what the family provides.

For the sake of discussion, let’s say you have passed away, and the family wants me to lead the funeral and provide a eulogy. 

I sit down with them, and they tell me about your life. They walk me through your likes and dislikes. Often the family will share their favorite stories. I will ask about your faith in God and participation in Church. We will usually talk for over an hour about your life and personality. 

Then I take my basic outline and plug in all the details of your life. This is a way for people to remember and say goodbye simultaneously. For those who did not know you well, it will be a pleasant walk through your life.   

I wonder, what kind of stories will they tell about you? What would you want people to say?

Maybe it is time to write some new tales about your life before that day? 

That day is coming, and my outline is ready. I just need the stories to make it complete. 

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