God’s Got This

A man and I were discussing some issues in his life when he paused and said, “I am not worried; God’s got this.” 

I have heard the phrase used several times by believers, which always perplexes me. What do they mean by it? 

His application seemed to be, “I am not going to do anything because God will do all the work.” If that is what he was thinking, then there is an error being made. 

God does not work independently from our actions. So, for example, I cannot ignore my wife and expect God to build a deeply connected relationship for us. I cannot spend money frivolously my whole life and expect God to have a significant retirement secured for me. I cannot drink and smoke for forty years and then want God to make no side effects on my body. 

The world God created is not set up that way. Sure, God can break in and do a miracle at any time. I firmly believe that. But it is called a miracle because it is outside the realm of ordinary interaction. Most of the time, God works with and through our actions. 

I do agree God has got this. If you put in your maximum effort, He will give you the best results imaginable. But saying “God’s got this” while your efforts produce a contrary result is not faith. Faith is doing what God desires to the best of our ability and trusting Him for a positive outcome. 

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