Letter to My Future Self

There are so many things I would like to say to my former self. I could spend all day telling myself to be more humble, listen closely, cherish people, make good choices, and do a hundred other things. 

But what would I want to tell my future self?

I suppose I would like to be reminded that I did my best. Based on the information I had, the resources at my disposal, and the inner voice of the Holy Spirit, I tried to use my life in the best way possible. 

It is possible to look at your life filled with guilt, regrets, remorse, and a lot of “if I could do it all over again” and become depressed. I could feel like a failure because I am evaluating my past based on what I know then. The truth is that I am trying to let God guide me now. I know I am sinful and make foolish mistakes, but I really am trying to do my best. 

I cannot go back and rewrite the past. So in the future, I hope I can remember that while I made mistakes, God was still working on me and through me. 

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