Little Billboards

Along the highway, I have seen giant billboards advertising Jesus, faith, and local Churches. Almost every city has at least one full-color banner to help people become believers or connect to a faith community.

I have never used a billboard throughout my ministry, even though I have used every other type of advertising. So I cannot tell you if they are effective or a waste of money. However, I guess I noticed them, and I am sure I am not the only one. 

A few years ago, I made a move as a pastor to stop using too much advertising. I still think it has a place, but for now, I would rather invest my resources into the walking billboards in our Church. 

The people who comprise the community of faith are the best form of advertisement. Their life provides the opportunity for people to see and hear what genuine faith looks like. And honestly, if the people in the Church do not align with the message we share, no number of giant billboards by the road will make a difference.

Each life in the community of faith is a walking ad for the life of faith. Is the message you are presenting worth considering?   

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