This Pastor: Raw and Unfiltered

The greatest thing most Pastors desire is the support of their congregation. 

We do not feel like we work for the Church. We work for God. The work is an extension of our soul, and we seek to please our creator. 

Along the way, we would love to have the support of the people we lead and serve beside. 

Support comes in all kinds of ways. It can be a kind word about the sermon. All forms of encouragement are appreciated. The way people treat my spouse and my children are a blessing that most people do not realize is critical. Attendance on Sunday morning and other programs helps me see that my work is not pointless. ALL kind actions are little pieces of support that make ministry a joy. 

A camp leader once told me that he could not figure out why pastors leave the Church they are leading. But when he flipped the question over, he quickly discovered why pastors stay; they are offered love and support. 

This post is not a plea for people to run up to me on Sunday and say something supportive as a desperate attempt to keep me happy. I am out of town on vacation and want to share something on my heart while I am away. 

I am thankful that God allows me to remain a preacher, but I am extra grateful for the people who support me on this journey. 

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