A Little Hope

There are seasons in life where things get dark, sad, and hopeless. These come for numerous reasons. All of us walk through them at one time or another.

The temptation is to focus all our attention on what our life will look like when things turn around. We want a grand vision of a new life and all the joy returning every day. 

Sometimes it is better to refocus on the little things. Then we can look forward to the small forms of hope that improve each day until we reach our destination.

There are numerous ways this can play out for us. These can be as simple as hoping the weather this week will be better than last week. The evening meal tomorrow may taste better than anything I ate last week. The conversations in the coming days will be a blessing more than any previous interactions. 

I want you to have hope for a better season of life coming to you, but you only get there one day at a time – one little hope-filled experience at a time. 


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