I keep a notebook of all my ideas for blogs. Each day I try to write down at least one topic or title for a future post. Some days I put several ideas into my notebook. Then at the end of the week, I look back through my notes and organize them for what I would like to write for the coming week. 

As I looked through my material this week, I noticed five times in the last five weeks where I had noted something with the word “distracted.”  I wrote, “Being distracted during worship, being distracted as a Christian, distractions to our faith, distractions from doing important things, and distracted by evil.” 

I guess God has been trying to teach me something. Being distracted is one of the biggest hindrances to a Church community and individual believers. We can easily take our eyes off our goals and purposes and focus our attention on trivial matters. 

One trick of the evil one is to get us to look at his left hand so that we do not notice what his right hand is doing. If he can get us focused on the wrong thing, then we will miss the ways he is trying to harm us. Misplaced attention will enable evil to succeed without us noticing. 

Lately, I have kept seeing the impact of distractions in every area of life. Being preoccupied with the wrong things leaves us vulnerable to mistakes we will not notice until it is too late. 

Please make a note of it. 


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