The Church of Tomorrow

I am not a prophet from God, but I have one prediction for the Church of tomorrow. Actually, I have been saying this and writing this for about two years. I stand unwavering in my conviction that this will be the next big Church trend.

Authentic community.

For the last 25 years, the Church has been rediscovering what it means to serve in the name of Jesus. But I see the tide changing. Part of this will be a holdover from covid as people feel the pain of isolation. The biggest reason is because of technology. 

People can get information with a few keystrokes on their laptops or taps on their phones. Entertainment is never more than a few seconds away. We instantly have everything available except one vital thing:  human connection. 

As people become more isolated and lonelier, the need to talk face to face will increase. The desire to be connected to a group of people in a meaningful way will grow. And the Church is the perfect vessel to fill that need. People will find that a Church community is where they develop relationships, communicate in meaningful ways, and feel the love they desire. 

What if the key to reaching more people for Jesus is not the amount of knowledge we can repeat but our willingness to open up our lives to others? For most of us, that is far scarier than we like to admit. But the possibilities are only limited by our hearts and not our heads. 


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