A Risk At Church

As a Church leader, I frequently take a risk on Sunday mornings during our worship time. I open our Church up to the possibility of ignorance and heresy. At any moment, someone could say something unbiblical or uneducated from our stage.

Be clear; I am not allowing people who I know are false teachers to stand up and speak. I also do not let non-members and non-Christians teach. But I do allow new believers and young people to be actively involved in our worship.

When someone comes to faith, and they are interested in speaking or leading worship, I allow them to do it. I want them to talk about how God is working in their lives and let them sing His praises. I ask them to pray and speak on behalf of the Church. I invite them to share the communion devotion whenever they would like to do it.

I believe the Church community should be the most loving and supportive community on the planet. We should encourage new believers to share their faith in every way possible. I hope to fan into flame the sparks God is igniting in their souls so that the light of the gospel can shine brightly. Sure, I keep a close ear on things and try to correct any issues, but that is a risk I am willing to take.   


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