Garbage In

And more garbage will follow it.

If you spend time on social media, everything you do is tracked through sophisticated computer technology. This way, companies like Facebook can give you content like the previous stuff you viewed. Places like YouTube will then provide you with video recommendations similar to that one video. Companies will then target their advertising to people who visit those sites and look at that type of article or product. 

The result is that you can be lost in an algorithm that feeds you the same garbage over and over. Instead of opening your mind to new ideas and differing viewpoints, you are on a treadmill of recycled thinking. Sure, this can have an upside, but it can be equally dangerous. 

Perhaps one great test of whether you are being fed garbage is to take a break from all social media and see what happens to your thinking. Does your attitude improve? Does your thinking about God and faith get more clear? Are you a better person when you are not just watching whatever is being fed to you online? If so, the problem may be that you are on a diet of garbage.

And as the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.”


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