Unknown People

I heard a person complain about how there were so many people they did not know at Church. Their solution was to have an event or program where everyone could get together. Then I reminded them that they were AT a fellowship event when they said this. They responded, “Well, I already know these people; I want to know some new people.” 

While I appreciate the sentiment behind the statement, there are also flaws.

First, whenever we have activities or lunches for people to come and meet new people, the new people rarely attend. When they finally decide to come, there is a good chance they will encounter the long-time members sitting with each other and visiting. People usually choose familiar friends when they have a choice.

Second, I have been metaphorically shouting this from the pulpit for almost 30 years of ministry. It is okay not to know everyone in Church. The goal has never been for people to come and get to know everyone. Instead, the hope is that each person will develop somewhere between one and ten people they connect with on a deeper level. A few close friends are better than a mass of acquaintances. 

The only way for the Church to reach more people is for Christians to know fewer people. That sounds wrong and ungodly, but it is true. Knowing a few people intimately is healthier than numerous shallow relationships. This will also allow the Church to keep growing beyond the number of people everyone can know, which is 150-200.

Everyone needs to know someone, but no one needs to know everyone. Having a few people that are unknown to you is actually a good thing for a Church community. 


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