Making the Most of It

A person I know shared a picture of their child dressed up for some meaningful life event. It was the first day of school, kindergarten graduation, a birthday, or some moment I forgot. A wiser older parent commented, “Time flies. Be sure to make the most of every moment.”

It was not the first time I had read a statement like that connected to a picture. Some older adults and/or grandparents often offer similar advice. 

My question is, “What does it mean to make the most of every moment?”  If this person had life to live over, what exactly would they change?

I am convinced that it has nothing to do with actions and everything to do with feelings. Most people are trying to enjoy their children when they are young. They make a big deal out of every possible life event, first experience, and celebration. In fact, most people’s schedules are packed because they are trying to do too much.

The problem is that we are consumed with other things while doing these actions. We have anxiety about the party, anger about a less-than-expected outcome, busy planning the next thing, or a thousand other distractions in our heads. Making the most of life is not about adding more to your busy schedule; it is about enjoying the moments as they come. It is about being fully present in each activity without anxiety or stress.

When older people tell younger people this advice, they are saying they wish they enjoyed the experiences more while they were in them. 

Making the most of life involves adjusting our feelings in our actions. You do not need more time in your schedule; you need to be more present in the time you are given.


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