Finish the Race

A marathon is 26.2 miles.

Supposedly the race was to be 26 miles in the 1908 Olympics but to finish directly in front of the royal family viewing box; they added 385 yards to the course. After that, races varied from 24 miles to 26.2 until 1921, when the official distance was established. 

The people who run marathons fall into two distinct groups. First are those who race to win. The second group is those who run to finish. It is quite an accomplishment to say you ran that distance. 

But here is the deal, you have not run a full marathon unless you finish the final .2 miles. It is a fantastic feat to go 26 miles, but unless you run the last 385 yards, you have not completed the race.

Life is long. The goal for a follower of Jesus is not to live for him and come up short of the finish line. The goal is for us to keep running until he says we are done. Don’t quit just shy of the finish line; keep running until you break the tape and complete the course. Just know that the final stretch may feel like the hardest.


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