Start Somewhere

Returning to my office after the Thanksgiving break, I was greeted by a desk full of documents and piles of tasks to do. I stood for a few minutes, looking at all the work before me, wondering where to begin. 

Should I start with the most manageable tasks or the most difficult ones? Would it be wise to begin with the most significant job and work till I reach the least important one? Maybe I should develop a plan starting with the quickest project and work my way to the one that will consume the most time.

Finally, I decided to “start somewhere” and dig into each job as I came to it.

That does not sound profound or insightful, but I believe it is still a helpful analogy. Whenever we decide to change our lives in any area, we tend to focus on developing a plan more than just getting started. Sometimes the most challenging step is beginning. 

It is possible that the change you want to make in your life does not require a grand design as it does the will to start somewhere. Once you start, it is easy to adjust and improve. Every great change begins by taking on a single task and seeing where it leads.   


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