Unexpected Surprise at Worship

Recently I went to a worship program where I was asked to do the closing prayer. Unfortunately, in the days leading up to the event, there had been changes in time, issues with sickness, and nothing seemed to go smoothly. So the night it occurred, I wasn’t expecting much.

The evening started just the way I expected. There was a disconnect between the leaders, and one expressed a distressing issue in his life. Within minutes I felt like the night would be a waste of time and drain my soul. 

Then everything changed. A single man began to lead worship on his guitar, and it connected to something deep in my soul. I am unsure if it was the words, his presentation, the fact that I was not leading, the Holy Spirit, or possibly all of them combined that touched me so profoundly. I sang along and could feel a connection to God. 

Next, the sermon hit a passage I had not given much thought. It was insightful and encouraging. I took notes and read along in the scripture. The thirty minutes seemed to fly by as the lesson touched me too. 

Finally, I stayed around afterward and visited with people for a long time. There was conversation and connection to the people I had not experienced before that night. The fellowship was sweet, and the evening was a blessing.

I had gone into the program with low expectations, and God had surprised me with his presence in the worship, word, and people. I went home with my soul filled with gladness.

One truth in worshipping Jesus is that he is alive and active. You never know when he will surprise you and speak to your heart. Some weeks you may worship and leave wondering if it was worth your time. But other weeks, you will be more than thankful that you were there. I cannot tell you the difference or when it will happen. All I can say to you is, “Keep showing up,” and some days, God will surprise you.


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