Magic Church House

I want to live in a world where magic exists. I would love to attend a Church where miraculous things happen all the time.

Someone could attend, and the band would magically have music all picked out and ready every week without effort. The building would be clean, and the trash would be emptied without anyone having to spend hours working. The children would always have an entertaining and educational lesson that happened without any prep work. The grounds would stay nice, the building decorated, and every maintenance issue would handle itself. A place where classes are taught and small groups are formed without effort from anyone.

But alas, no such place exists. There is no magic Church house. There are only Churches where individuals step up and do their part for the good of everyone.

Each of us can approach the community of faith as a consumer who is there to use and doesn’t care how it happens. Or we could come to it as a servant who is there to make it happen for others. There is no magic, but there are people who serve, and the results are magical.


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