Dear Future Self

My present self is starting some projects today that are not fun. After the holidays, my diet and exercise are being strictly observed. I am starting a new Bible reading plan to take me through the Bible this year. I am setting goals and doing the work it will take to be in a better place in one year and a great place in five years.

Honestly, my present self is not excited about it. The discipline to get up early daily, along with the blood, sweat, and tears, is scary. Presently, I am about instant gratification. I want to feel good today; that has gotten me back to this point. Eating poorly, sleeping late, and not having quiet time with God have all felt good in the moment but were disappointing in the long run.

So to my future self, “You are welcome.”

The hard work I am doing today and every day this year will benefit me down the road and allow me to be the person in the future I wish I were now.


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