The Church I Lead

Through the holiday season, the Church I lead made different decisions than every Church in my area. Then, the weather changed those choices into seemingly bad ideas, and we tried to adjust accordingly. My Church ended up doing nothing for Christmas and then having our candlelight program on New Year’s Day. 

It was hard to watch other Church communities having big celebrations and people posting about how much they loved their Christmas programs. I was at home doing nothing and feeling helpless. 

Then the Lord spoke into my soul, “You do not lead THOSE Churches. I called you to lead this one.” It was not an audible voice but a word spoken quietly into my heart by the Holy Spirit that changed my perspective immediately.

God called me to lead this local Church with this group of people. Together we made choices based on the needs and availability of the people. We discussed options, prayed for guidance, and acted in the best possible way for the people in this community of believers. 

Other Pastors and Church leaders have totally different situations. They are in other towns, have different leaders, and encountered different issues than we faced. They made choices based on their people and their needs. 

When someone compares two Churches, they are not comparing equals. Saying, “Their Church did this, and our Church did not,” is only part of the story. There were multiple issues involved, and we did what we thought was best for our group, with me leading the way.

God called me to lead this Church to the best of my ability along with the elders, deacons, and ministry heads. Honestly, sometimes it looks good, and sometimes it does not. But in the end, we are only trying to do what is best for this group that God entrusted to us.    


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