Still Blogging

Every year I ask myself if I should continue blogging for another year.

It doesn’t take that much time. First, I use Evernote to keep an initial idea. That gets expanded and hand-written into a notebook. Then I plan out my future posts before I finally sit down to write. Next, I write several posts quickly and roughly. They will all get run through Grammarly to fix most of my issues. Finally, they go into a file for a day or two until I proofread them and make the last edits. They are then pasted to WordPress with the future date set, where they sit until they are published. It all takes a couple of hours a week, and I usually work two or three weeks ahead. 

Altogether I have posted over 2,500 times in the past ten years. I average roughly 3,000 visitors annually, and 6,000 posts are viewed individually. Several people go to the home page and read a week or two at a time and are counted as only one view. My numbers are not large, but they are consistent.

None of that information answers why I still do it and decided to do it another year. 

First, I love to write. It is therapeutic to sit down and get my ideas into a document. While sharing my thoughts, I am also learning to communicate better with every passing year.

Second, a few times a year, someone will walk up to me and tell me how much one post meant to them. It impacted their views, helped their faith, or encouraged them on their walk with Jesus. Still, a few more times, people will message me or drop me an email explaining how something I wrote touched them. These words and notes encourage me to keep at it. If what I do helps one person in their faith, inspires one other leader, or helps a Christ follower to stay on their path with Jesus, it is worth every second. 

So thank you to everyone that reads my posts. Thanks to everyone who shares them on social media. And thanks be to God, who uses my words for his glory.   


One thought on “Still Blogging

  1. You should think about compiling the hundreds of blogs you’ve written into a book. Sectioned chaptered by topic. Of course a small gratuity would be expected from the proceeds for helping you. 🙂

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