Our Weakest Moments

Sometimes I say to myself, “I will never fall into that sin.”

Then I find myself standing on the edge of ungodliness, asking myself how I got here.

In our lives, there are moments when we are strong and when we are weak. Our enemy, the Devil, knows when we are weak and tries to attack us at those times. Jesus had not eaten in 40 days when Satan came to him and challenged him by saying, “Turn these stones to bread.” Again, it was at the beginning of his ministry, before any resistance and pain, when he offered a shortcut by saying, “Worship me, and I will give you all the kingdoms of the earth.” 

There are moments for each of us when we are weak and vulnerable. At those times, we must rely entirely on God and his word.

Whatever you feel today, know that the Devil will try to use that against you. We, as believers, must live with our eyes wide open because evil is always lurking. He is waiting for you to show your weakness so he might pounce and try to devour you. 

The things that destroy most people are the things they swore they would never do.


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