A Most Important Lesson

Of all the things you teach the next generation, be sure to show them how relationships work. This can be your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbor children, or Church children; they all need instruction in relationships.

The first and most significant one is with their heavenly father. Every child needs to be grounded in the truth of God’s love, along with his overflowing mercy and grace. They need to learn to pray, read their Bible, and selflessly serve him so they are equipped to spend a lifetime in a relationship with him

But they also need instruction on how to get along with other people. Most parents are concerned with teaching their children about sports. They are also worried about scholastic advancement. And unfortunately, most give little thought to how their children relate to others.

Let me ask you, have you ever struggled as an adult because you did not know how to relate well to others? Have you spent countless hours in conflict with your spouse or your family? Have you ever vented and fumed about a coworker or neighbor because you could not get along with them? How often have you unknowingly hurt people with something you said or did? Maybe you have spent hours wrapped in loneliness because you didn’t know how to fit in with others.

Living in right relationship with others is a skill. As an adult, no one will care if you can do math or if you know how to throw a ball. They will not care about your athletic achievements or your scholastic aptitude. However, everyone will care about how you relate to others.

As followers of Jesus, we need to be sure the next generation is developing their hearts along with their bodies and minds.


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